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Surprise Song sheet music  from Book #1

How to Purchase? You purchase from Amazon by clicking the button labeled Amazon and a page will open showing available products. Note that books and CDs are purchased separately.  

What is a Play-along? A play-along is where a musical instrumentalist plays in time with a pre-recorded accompaniment audio track. In my Play-Along series the music book is provided as a PDF. Both the accompaniment tracks and music book is provided to you via downloadable compressed file (Zip format), which you then extract the contents onto your hard disk. Using a media player the accompaniment track plays as any other audio file.

What instruments are featured? Instruments that play in the keys of C (treble and bass clef), Bb and Eb (treble clef). Please note that each song are of a reasonable range for each instrument but there is the possibility that you might have to do some light transposition if a note is written too high or too low. In that case you might have to lower or raise that note an octave to match your range.

Will these Play-alongs teach me how to play better or solo better? That’s not the intent of this series. My intention is to create Play-Alongs to enhance “practice time” as if other players are there with you to make music with.

Sample music book sheet music shown below:

Can I try before I buy? Sure can! On the homepage are three songs free to try out, simply download the music and audio file and then go through the installation (easy) and you’ll get a very good sense of what Living Waters Jazz play-alongs are like.

What is the difficulty level? Depending on the genre the melodies in rock are generally pretty easy to play. Jazz is a little bit tougher but use the included full demos to best gauge if the music is difficult, or not, for you. Soloing well is an artform and therefore soloing is not so easy. Please note the demo solos are not included in the music books.

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