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Welcome to the world of Living Waters Jazz! Living Waters Jazz brings two different dimensions to the interested. We have our own Play-Along series and then the Living Waters Jazz Big Band. Since the late 1990’s Living Waters Jazz has entertained thousands world-wide via the Internet. Using compositions and arrangements by Rich Garber, the band has morphed into a smaller ensemble (4 brass and 4 saxes along with rhythm) and starting in 2013 began its own Play-Along music book series. Three books, optional accessories, and CDs are available for purchase. To see all that Living Waters Jazz has to offer, scroll-on down!

Living Waters Jazz has its own play-along series for instrumentalists who want to include Christian themed music in their practice, performance, or worship. Songs come in different genres such as rock, jazz, and praise. Music is for all the popular key instruments, C (treble and bass clef), Bb and Eb. For a free sample of our Play-Alongs, check out the free Play-Along downloads below.

Free Play-alongs!

Restless Nights

Those Eyes


Professional Play-alongs Jazz Originals Lite 60’s Rock Christian Indie found on the web

Sing & Play Rocks, Book #3 Eight independent Christian songs found on the web! Features Elton Smith, Larry Holder, Steve Israel, Lena Kittrell and more!

Lite 60's Rock, Book #2 Eight original 60's "like" lite-rock compositions with 'that' 60's sound!

Jazz Originals, Book #1 Eight original jazz compositions with solo sections (32-64 bars).

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I would like to welcome you to my world, the Living Waters Jazz. Living Waters Jazz started as my own big band ensemble that I have been arranging for since the late 90’s. Privately, I play sax and recently added something to my “interests” I have been wanting to do for some time, my own Play-Alongs.

The benefit of Play-Alongs is substantial in that they can be used in a wide variety of ways. First, for practice at home, it’s a great way to broaden your musical skills and also have that experience of playing along with other musicians. Also, Play-Alongs can be used in performances. It’s not uncommon these days to watch live performances with an accompaniment track. And to some degree you can even start your own band with Play-Alongs. LWJ play-alongs come with chords for the whole song and it’s conceivable the same music can be performed with a capable group of musicians.

Initially, my preference for jazz compelled me to create play-along tracks strictly devoted to Jazz. But of late LWJ now offers Play-Along tracks of the Lite-Rock genre (see Book #2) and of Christian independent artists whose original music is found on the web (see Book #3).

Each track is recorded and mixed to commercial standards for the best quality. Tracks laid down in studio are originally 24 bit. and then mixed to 16 bit (the commercial standard). Each track is tested on a variety of speaker systems for the best possible reproduction. While all tracks are stereo, I prefer a more monophonic mix to get the fullest sound from every part of the sound stage. Meaning where ever you are in the room, playing or listening, the sound is the same.

Have fun exploring the Living Waters Jazz site and please also listen to my very own Living Waters Jazz ensemble. The tunes are all Christian themes and are a great supplement to the contemporary secular music of our day. As I like to say, the Big Band sound is “Joy with a beat!”

About LWJ
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Between the early 1900's and 1950's a sound we know as Jazz dominated the United States. Legendary performers with their unique styles cultivated this sound and created a style of jazz they called Swing. Swing bands grew in size, typified by vocalists, saxes, trombones, trumpets and rhythm.

Starting in the 1950’s big band jazz saw a decline in popularity and eventually morphed to a more modern style, and smaller in personnel.

The Living Waters Jazz big band is likewise a trimmed down version of the big band form to 4 brass (2 trumpets and 2 trombones), 4 saxes, and full rhythm section (piano, guitar, bass and drums).  

Big Band music is a joyful sound with a beat. Living Waters Jazz combines that 'joy with a beat' and Christian themed music to create an exciting extravaganza of sound and praise!

Hear Living Waters Jazz free on  The Living Waters Jazz Big Band

Living Waters Jazz has catalogued a lot of listening time over the years (since the late 90’s) and has accumulated several locations you can hear the band free:

1) The most uptodate recordings of the band is right here on this page. Just click play on the embeded player to the right.

2) As the recording preferences and instrument personnel have changed over the years, the Living Waters Jazz page at catalogs a small sampling of the different songs enjoyed over the years. Click the button below to open up our Soundclick page.

Purchase Get Up! By Living Waters Jazz at CD Baby here

3) In 2008 Living Waters Jazz published its first and only CD, Get Up!, for purchase, at CD Baby. You can also listen to Get Up! in its entirety free on Youtube by clicking the button below. The Get Up! CD features Dave Bentley  as the singer.

Hear Livng Waters Jazz's Get Up! free on Youtube Listening Locations

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The books are exceptional in quality and clarity. Professionally printed you can expect professional results. These are softbound books with excellent bindings and will stand up to the rigors of heavy usage. Book size is a standard 8.5” x 11”. The books provide the download link to the MP3 accompaniment tracks (recorded at 320kb - CD quality).

(Optional) Accompaniment tracks on a physical CD instead of digital download. Professionally made CDs containing the audio content the same content that comes with the play-along book. This option is for the person who prefers to have a “hard copy” of the accompaniment tracks. Plays in any media device that plays CDs.

(Optional) Full demo versions on a physical CD. Professionally made CDs containing the same exact full demo audio content you can download for free. You can listen to the full demo tracks anywhere - like your car, your living room, wherever you enjoy listening your music. Great gift idea!

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Jazz Originals + free download accompaniment tracks $11.99

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(Option 1) CD accompaniment tracks (above right) $10.00

(Option 2) CD of full demo versions (above left) $10.00

Amazon Jazz Originals, Book #1

Included: 8  songs, each with melody sheet and chords. Each song is played with the melody section played twice and a solo section in between (32 to 64 measures - depending on the song). Jazz Originals Book #1 is meant to be like a Karoke performance where you are the lead instrumentalist in a small jazz combo. For practice or performance, Jazz Originals, Book 1 accompaniment tracks are mixed for the finest in play-along performance. Below are full demo’s of each song included!


Click on the song title (left) to download the free play-along zip file. Contents include sheetmusic, play-along track (no melody or solo), and the tuning note (Bb Concert) track.

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