Living Waters Jazz Play-Alongs

Available as Ebook (PDF + MP3s), music book and/or CD! Living Waters Jazz has its own play-along series for instrumentalists who want to include Christian themed music in their practice, performance, or worship. Included with each song is a performance quality accompaniment track and sheet music for all the popular key instruments. Songs come in different genres such as rock, jazz, praise and worship.

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Sing & Play Rocks, Book #3 x8 Independent Christian songs found on the web! Features Elton Smith, Larry Holder, Steve Israel, Lena Kittrell and more!

Lite 60's Rock, Book #2 x8 Original 60's "like" lite-rock compositions with 'that' 60's sound!

Jazz Originals, Book #1 x8 Original jazz compositions with solo sections (32-64 bars).

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Free Play-alongs!

Restless Nights

Those Eyes


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